Finding Awesome Penny Stocks

Awesome penny stocks are easy to define. They are those small cap shares that tend to fluctuate a great deal within a very short time period. Whether they’re awesome penny stocks depends on which way the stock is moving and whether you’re on the buying or selling side of things. While defining these stock picks is easy, finding them is not always such a simple task.

Awesome Penny Stocks Fluctuate.

We’ll say it again. Awesome penny stocks fluctuate. That is the very nature of the penny stock market and as an investor you need to know this. If you want to be a successful investor you need to know which way the stock is most likely to move in the future as well as when significant price changes are likely to occur. In order to predict these changes with any degree of accuracy you need quality information. That is where most investors fall down.

You Won’t Find Awesome Penny Stocks Here

When searching for awesome penny stocks many investors subscribe to free email lists or pay for penny stock alerts online. While this may work sometimes, most often it doesn’t. The free email lists are usually a wash simply because the bigger the list, the less valuable the information. As more and more subscribers follow the list owner’s advice, the more predictable the movement of the stock becomes. This isn’t a good criteria for finding truly awesome penny stocks.

This is a Better Source of Awesome Penny Stocks

A better approach is to follow the only group of investors that truly knows exactly what is happening on the inside with any stock – whether awesome penny stocks or blue chip duds. These, of course, are the corporate insiders. These executives make the decisions that determine the future value of a company’s share price. While penny stock insider trades are not as regulated as their blue chip counterparts many insiders still opt to file their insider trades with the SEC. And when they do, they’re providing smart investors with a wealth of free information.

Awesome penny stocks can be found by monitoring and analyzing insider trading activity. This data becomes even more valuable to day traders when it is coupled with other criteria such as fastest moving stocks or largest gainers / losers. Of course, this is exactly what does and we do it for free.

If you can’t see how this information could help you choose awesome penny stocks be sure to subscribe to our free service. You’ll be able to set up your own stock watch list and truly get on the inside when it comes to monitoring the markets for awesome penny stocks as well as potentially lucrative blue chip stocks.


Reported on Sep 19, 2011

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